Premarital Course


Our purpose is to provide the Biblical tools necessary to build a solid foundation for a successful, thriving, growing and loving marriage. A wedding is one day; but a marriage is for a lifetime. When we do marriage God’s way, we have a 100% chance for success. Don’t just settle for a good marriage…be prepared for God’s BEST in marriage. Whether you are seriously dating, engaged or newly married, this course is for you!



  • Purpose to prioritize your marriage BEFORE it starts by learning God's plan for marriage. Find out how you can take your differences, your similarities, your strengths and weakness and use ALL of it to strengthen you as a couple.

  • What are your love languages? How about your money languages? What are your expectations when it comes to marriage? Have you talked about in-laws? Children? Holidays? Goals? Dreams? Budgeting? Sex? How do you handle conflict? What does good communication look like? Purposefully being proactive about marriage topics BEFORE marriage, helps prevent reactive moments after marriage!


We invite you to participate in a 2-part power packed course:

  1. Marriage on the Rock Course with marriage expert Jimmy Evans from Marriage Today ministry (a 5-week class which includes 10 powerful DVD sessions with "homework”).

  2. The SYMBIS Assessment (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) with Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott (an assessment that provides a 15-page report individualized to each couple).


  • Marriage on the Rock Class ($25/couple, FIVE 2 ½ hour group classes)

  • SYMBIS Assessment ($35 per couple to take the assessment)

  • “Unpacking” the assessment sessions ($90 per couple)

Completing this course equips couples to start marriage right: proactive, prepared and with a purposeful plan...God has a plan for your marriage and it's a good one.

Each couple receives a certificate upon completion of this course.

Participants do not have to be members or regular attendees of Pathway Community Church.

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