Pastoral Marriage Counseling


Our purpose is to provide the Biblical tools necessary to build a solid foundation for a successful, thriving, growing and loving marriage. If you are struggling in marriage; if you have hit a wall; if your marriage has become stagnant and could use a “rebooting” ...we are here to help provide a bridge to help you and your spouse cross that “great divide” and get to the other side. We all are either moving forward or moving backwards in our marriages...anything stagnant provides a breeding ground for divisive bacteria in marriage: complacency, lack of communication, unhealthy conflict, poor marriage habits, money issues, lack of intimacy, trust issues. Even the best marriages have trouble. That is why we need a Savior: Jesus. God doesn’t just have an answer, He is the answer to ALL issues we face.



We meet with couples 3-5 times to…

  1. Assess the reasons for seeking counsel through open communication;

  2. Get to the root of the “issues”;

  3. Give Biblically based solutions, direction, action points; AND

  4. Provide an action plan for couples to implement together.

*If further counsel is needed, we provide follow-up and/or professional Christian Counselor options.


  • Sessions are 1 ½ to 2 hours each

  • $30 per session

  • 3-5 sessions are recommended

*Participants do not have to be members or regular attendees of Pathway Community Church.

Bill and Jennifer Craft
York, PA 17404
717-577-0904 / 717-817-7317

Therefore, what God has joined together; let not man separate.
Matthew 19:6