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Pathway is a community of passionate followers of Jesus Christ in York, Pennsylvania. We believe that only an encounter with God, initiated by the compassionate love of Jesus Christ, can bring about an eternal and transformational life-change in a person’s life.

We aren’t ashamed of it, and we won’t hide it, our desire is for everyone to have an encounter with God and to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

At Pathway, we can help you begin your relationship with Jesus.  We can also help you grow in your relationship with Him through relevant teaching from the Bible.  We will also encourage you in the discovery and growth of Who God is and how He interacts with us.

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Continues Through July

Welcome to the kick-off of our Summer Sermon Series “Alive.”

Over these next several weeks we will be taking an in-depth look at what it means for those who choose to follow Jesus to be “alive” as we cultivate the type of life He has promised.

Notice I used the word “cultivate.”  I chose this word because while we are given the opportunity to freely enter into a new life with Holy Spirit, we still have the responsibility to ensure that we are doing our part in developing the life that has been purchased for us. 

The problem is, while many have a general understanding that God wants us to have life to the full, few know what it takes to get there.

This series will help us get a glimpse of God’s heart and the life He has for His children.  It will also introduce us to several Scriptural concepts that can be used to position us for a fresh outpouring of His Spirit, as well as to experience fullness of life as we develop in the New Creation.

I am pleased to echo what I would believe would be the sentiment of the Prophet Ezekiel – Gone are the days of dry bones…you can be ALIVE through Him once more.  Join us this Sunday at 10 am…we look forward to seeing you!

Blessings Pathway,

Pastor Jim