We are passionate about people growing in their journey with God and we are committed to a discipleship making process.  School of Ministry classes help us to grow in our faith and take to heart the true nature and character of God. Once we gain a greater understanding of God we are compelled to love the way He does and seek after those who are hurting, lost and without hope.  Most classes are held Sunday mornings at Pathway from 8:30am - 9:30am.

Marriage On The Rock 

Every Monday running February 26 - March 26. Doors open at 6:15PM and class begins promptly at 6:30PM. 

           Bill and Jennifer Craft, leaders of Marriage Maintenance, are facilitating the Marriage on the Rock Class, a DVD based class where couples (married, engaged and seriously dating) learn God's plan for all the major issues a couple will encounter. Leading marriage authority Jimmy Evans, from Marriage Today Ministries, discusses practical real-life challenges and offers easy to understand solutions even if you are the only one willing to work on the relationship. Through this power-packed resource that has changed thousands of lives, you will learn:

  • Why no person can meet your deepest needs
  • How to make marriage a top priority
  • How to understand and meet your spouse’s needs
  • The different ways men and women communicate
  • How to achieve maximum sexual pleasure
  • Skills for raising great kids even in a blended family

           Whether you’ve been married for years or just preparing for the journey, Marriage on the Rock is the essential resource that will transform your relationship. 

  • Doors will open at 6:15 p.m...the class will start promptly at 6:30 p.m.
  • The cost of the course for materials is $25
  • No childcare provided.


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Revelation Class 

Every Sunday running January 14-February 25. Class begins at 8:30AM in the School of Ministry Room. 

           We will be starting a study in the book of Revelation starting January 14th in the School of Ministry room.  This will be a fascinating study as this is the only book in the Bible that promises a specific blessing to those who read aloud and understand the book.  We will walk through each chapter to understand how this book reveals events at the end times, what role the Church plays and the role that Israel plays.  We will see Jesus in a way that we do not see throughout any other book of the Bible. You can sign up to attend the class below. Come join us Sunday, January 14th at 8:30!

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