About Pathway




We stop trying to fix the name of the church and focus our attention on fixing the worlds view of JESUS.


Because of Jesus.

Core values

As a denomination, we have agreed that ten core values are at the heart of our life and work together. These are the values which touch our hearts, stir our emotions, and move us to action.

We will get dirty for the sake of the cross, meet people where they are, and dream big dreams!


  • Abolish Religion
  • Worship In Freedom
  • Serve Our Community
  • Pray with Immovable Faith
  • Love People Where They Are
  • Pursue God's Word
  • Create Disciples
  • Change the World


Pathway is part of the Brethren in Christ denomination. We hold tightly to God's Word for direction for all aspects of life.


Pathway Community Church  |  1731 W. Philadelphia St. York PA 17404  |  (717) 793-8070 


Office Hours: Tues. 9AM - 4PM, Wed. 9AM - 4PM, Thurs. 10AM - 2PM, Fri. 9AM - 4PM